Consignment Auto Sales in Michigan

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What is a consignment sale?
A consignment sale is when the actual owner of a vehicle (the consignor) enters into a written agreement with a dealer (consignee) to sell a vehicle and to act as an agent for the vehicle owner.

If you are tired of trying to sell your car using the regular methods with little or no results or don’t have the time to deal with all the work of listing your car for sale, answering phone calls from buyers, and having to meet people for test drives or if your car is older, damaged, or difficult to sell, sell your car on consignment in Michigan at Tyme Auto Sales.

If you are looking to sell your car on consignment in Michigan, look no further that Tyme Auto Sales.

At Tyme Auto, we accept any type of vehicle including Ford F150 pickup trucks, 250 cargo vans, escapes, explorers, Ford Taurus, sable; Honda accord, civic; JEEPS, PT cruisers, Hyundai and Kias.

Tyme Auto Sales will sell your car on consignment in Michigan for the elderly who doesn’t drive anymore, if you are having an estate sale or moving out of town or retiring in Florida, If you need cash fast, Contact Tyme Auto Today or callĀ  734-455-5566!

At Tyme Auto, we want to buy your used car, truck or suv and sell it on consignment. Why lose money on trading in your car, truck or SUV? We are the car dealer located in Michigan to buy your car, truck or SUV. Whether your vehicle is in Michigan, Ohio or Indiana we will come and get it! So if you are in need of immediate cash, don’t wait, sell your used car, truck or suv on consignment in Michigan to Tyme Auto in Plymouth Michigan, and get your cash for cars, trucks or SUVs today!